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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Sites

Today, I'm going to give you all a small list of a few of my favorite sites that I am on daily.


Freebies 4 Mom is the first site I'm on when I wake up, and the last one I'm on before I go to bed. My reasoning, besides the fact the she lists the most current, and useful freebies, she also lists the most winnable sweeps out there, some great coupons, giveaways, codes for Pampers, Huggies, Disney Movie Rewards, and Ryclebank. She also has some posts on how to save money, and her Hottest Frugal Blogroll has some of my other favorite sites as well.


Only in the past month or so have I started getting into entering sweepstakes, and this is a great site to find them all. Beside the fact that she list all the current sweeps, and an option for you to search by month, she also has a great Newsletter "Sweeping 101 Email Course". I personally just signed up for it about 2 weeks ago, so I can't give to much information on what the course consists of, but from what I have received so far she explains how to get you started, and gives some GREAT tips.

House Party

This site is great! Popular brand of anything you can imagine hook up with this site, and give you a chance to host a party, and they will give you supplies, and most companies will give you some great free products! I'm currently a party host at the moment, I was chosen to host a DJ Hero Party on July 31st. When I receive my party pack I will get: A DJ Hero Game (for either WII or PS3), Two DJ Hero Turntable Controllers, & Special Offer Coupons for my guests. And, I get this all for FREE!! All I need to do is document the party, whether i take pictures or video tape it, and post it on to my party site. This is a great website to check out!

The Grocery Game

Although I don't use this site anymore, it works pretty well if you have the time, money and organization. You can get a free trail for 4 weeks, then after that it's $10 every 8 weeks for one store and it's $5 for every additional store. Basically what she does, is guide you through saving the most with coupons. you'll need to get the Sunday paper every week, and save your ads that you get on Thursdays. She will give her "Teri's List" every Sunday after 12pm that will show you where you will save the most. For the first 4-8 weeks most of what you will be doing is just clipping and growing your coupon collection, then after that a lot of it has to do with stock piling. This way you save your money because you'll be going grocery shopping way less, and when you do go grocery shopping you'll have coupons for most of the things you'll need. I did use The Grocery Game for about 6 months, but because I'm not the one that does all the shopping, and my mother-in-law and brother-in-law are super picky eaters it was sort of a waste of time for me personally. But I would recommend trying out the free trial, see if it fits into your lifestyle. Just keep up with it.

That's it for now, I can here my beautiful daughter waking up from her nap. Later I will post a few more, and maybe even start posting some of my favorite freebies, sweeps, and deals of the week.

<3 Erin

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