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About Me

First off, WELCOME!  I hope you enjoy my blog, as much as I enjoy running it.  I'm a 23 year old mommy to a beautiful little girl Desirae, and engaged to the love of my life.  I work part time at H&M, and he works two jobs.  I have always been one to save as much as I possibly can thanks to my Grammy for teaching me her frugal ways.  But now that I have a family, and being young, it's just that more important that I save so my family can have the necessities they need, while still having money to reward ourselves.

I'm a very strong headed person, I LOVE life and I love the people that are willing to stand behind me (I tend to get a little bitchy when things aren't going my way).  Family is everything to me, that's why at the moment, I enjoy our living situation.  Because of our non-existent finance's last year, we decided it would be best for our daughter if we moved into my In-Law's house until we got back on our feet (no matter how frugal you are, depending on your situation it's still IMPOSSIBLE to save money!).  So we are living in a house with 7 people! 3 boys 24,21,16 (my fiance being the 24 year old) My In-laws, Me(23) and Desirae(1 1/2).  Needless to say, things get crazy around here.  But I live for crazy, crazy keeps me sane!

 The whole reason I started my blog was to help out other young moms that are brave enough to raise their child on their own (or without major help from their family) to save as much money as possible, so they can still be a kid themselves from time to time.  The blog is still a work in progress, and probably will be for quite some time, but I think it's wicked fun (Oh! I'm from Boston, MA BTW) and enjoy coming on and posting everyday, even if it only helps one person.  My writing style is ridiculous.  Even though I loved & aced English all throughout High School, I tend to not care when I'm typing. I type like I talk (most of the time, I try to keep my blog PG, I do have a bit of a potty mouth)  so if you see incorrect grammar, strange slang words, just know that it's how I am, and where I'm from.

ANYWAYS. I hope you all enjoy reading what I post, and feel free to comment, or Email me (go to my Contact page) with anything you want. questions, ideas, comments, stories.  I love meeting and networking with new people all the time.