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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coupon Basics

I thought I would post a little how-to on coupon basic to help you save.  Couponing can sometimes get overwhelming if you don't know what you're doing (speaking from experience of course).  So here are some coupon basics.

    1.  Finding Coupons In Store
  • Blinkies:  Blinkies are coupon dispensers on the shelves of store.  I think their a bit rare now, but some grocery stores should still have them.
  • Peelies:  Peelies are coupons that are attached to products.  It's basically instant savings.
  • Catalina's:  Catalina's are coupons printed out at the register, or at the bottom/back of your receipt.

    2.  Rain Checks     

If the store you're shopping in is out of an item that is on sale, you can ask for a rain check, and you can receive that sale item once that item is restocked, whether or not it's still on sale.  Target will put Rain Check forms in the spot where the item should be.  I believe CVS does this as well.

    3.  Buy Smaller & Save More
When using a coupon buy the smallest size the coupons applies to.  It makes more sense to save $1 on a $2 item then it does to save $1 on a $4 item.

    4.  Google
If you're looking for a coupon for a certain item, type the name into google.  You'll be able to save time buy downloading and printing it then you would searching through thousands of coupons and cutting them out.

Check out to see if your grocery store offers Ecoupons.  If they do, you can download them right to your grocery store's rewards/savings card.  If you live in the New England area, none of the participating grocery store on this site are around, but the site still offers some good printable coupons.

This is just the beginning, I will post more tips and sites to help you with your coupons.  I understand it can be super stressful if you're just starting out, or even if you've done it for years.  That what I'm here for, to offer help and advice.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, or click the email button on the right of my blog to send me an email.

Happy Saving!

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